Gamle Gardsvegen 30, 4544 Fossdal
Tlf: (+47) 38 28 38 50
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Our history

Our history

My wish to leave a legacy that is visible to everyone was an important factor when I started planning the hotel. Eikerapen Gjestegaard, which is built in Swiss chalet style, proudly combines modern conveniences with old traditions. It is built on the remains of our family farm which dates from the 17th century. To convey this proud history, we have retained the formal lounge next to the reception in its original form to serve as a historic reminder of days gone by.

We have also retained the bakehouse, smithy and barn, and will offer guided tours to share this cultural heritage with our guests. The goal is to become a recreation centre for domestic and international visitors which emphasizes our culture, local culinary traditions and exceptional service every step of the way.


Tel: (+47) 38 28 38 50

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